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PCGS Announces New Dual Encapsulation Of U.S. Mint Serialized COAs Alongside 2019 Reverse Proof American Silver Eagles

云图彩票平台november 8, 2019

professional coin grading service ( will begin encapsulating united states mint serialized certificates of authenticity (coa) alongside the coins they guarantee. the service will also provide a pedigree on the coin insert with the matching serial number.

An artist’s rendition of the new PCGS dual encapsulation of a 2019 Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle and accompanying United States Mint Certificate of Authenticity. (Image credit: Professional Coin Grading Service (Click image to enlarge)

this new service is being launched in conjunction with the new, low-mintage american eagle 2019 one ounce silver enhanced reverse proof coin, which will be accompanied from the mint with coas bearing a serial number. collectors and dealers will have an opportunity to submit these coins to pcgs at the whitman baltimore winter expo, november 14-17, as well as by pcgs’ regular submission procedures.

云图彩票平台for each sequentially numbered coa from the mint, pcgs will process the coin and coa in tandem for certification. the new service entails the encapsulation of both contents in separate slabs that are paired with a declaration of the matching common serial number on their respective certification labels.

“we believe authentication of a matching coin and coa will provide a fitting pedigree for this release for generations to come,” said pcgs president brett charville.

this new service is exclusively offered for the american eagle 2019 one ounce silver enhanced reverse proof coin and is available to all pcgs collectors club members and authorized dealers. ensuring the integrity of this program, dual encapsulation services are available only for submissions of sealed boxes from the u.s. mint to prevent the inadvertent and incorrect dual encapsulation of non-matching reverse proof silver eagles and coa now or at any time in the future.

How to Submit
  • Join the PCGS Collectors Club for direct submission privileges, or you can contact a PCGS authorized dealer to submit on your behalf
  • The coin must be in the original sealed shipping box from the Mint or it will be ineligible for pairing with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • There is a +$15 per COA encapsulation fee in addition to the standard grading fees
  • Fill out a submission form via the online PDF or online submission center
  • Based on your declared insurance value and how quickly you would like it returned, choose the appropriate service level. Step by step instructions available here
  • Additionally in the "Other" in the service level section of the submission form, write in: "Reverse Proof COA”
  • If using the online submission center, please print and add a note “+$15 per COA encapsulation”

云图彩票平台here are guidelines and additional details pertaining to the new pcgs dual encapsulation program:

  • Only available for the American Eagle 2019 One Ounce Silver Enhanced Reverse Proof coin.
  • Coins must be submitted in original sealed government packaging.
  • Qualifying coins will be receiving Certificate of Authenticity (COA) number pedigree by default (for example, “COA No. XXXXX”).
  • To encapsulate your Mint COA, an additional $15 will be added to the submission fees. Bulk pricing is available for qualifying orders. Contact [email protected] (949) 567-1275.
  • No minimum quantity required.
  • For the Reverse Proof COA encapsulation, mark "Other" in the service level section of the submission form, indicate "Reverse Proof COA”
  • Standard shipping and handling fees apply.
  • You must be a PCGS Collectors Club member or PCGS Authorized Dealer to submit directly to PCGS. To join the PCGS Collectors Club, click here.
  • For any other questions, please contact PCGS Customer Service Monday through Friday 7:00AM to 5:00PM PST at 1-800-447-8848.

pcgs will be grading the 2019-s enhanced reverse proof at the november baltimore show with a special “nov. baltimore” pedigree. in order to qualify for the coa number pedigree, coins must be submitted at the show the same day of mint purchase with paperwork and receipt.

云图彩票平台pcgs will not be encapsulating coa’s at the baltimore show, but we will be accepting submissions at the show to have your coa encapsulated in-office. both the coin and coa will need to be submitted together for take home service. if you elect to have your coins graded and returned on-site at the show you will not be able to submit the coa to be paired with the coin at a later date.

To encapsulate your Mint COA, an additional $15 will be added to the submission fees. Bulk pricing is available for qualifying orders. Contact [email protected]云图彩票平台 (949) 567-1275

云图彩票平台for information about pcgs products and services, visit or call the pcgs customer service department at (800) 447-8848.

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