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Restoration Lab Report: Unsightly Toning on Silver Dollars

- 云图彩票平台

云图彩票平台many coins can benefit from the removal of unsightly toning. however, special care must always be taken not to harm original surfaces and such endeavors should always and only be carried out by professionals. this 1893-s, the “king” of the morgan dollar series, is graded choice extremely fine with much intact luster. however, it is somewhat besmirched by the unfortunate streak of toning cascading diagonally across the entirety of the left obverse field and liberty’s cheek.

Before PCGS Restoration Service. Click image to enlarge.

such a coin is a perfect candidate for restoration, resulting in a much more appealing example. note, however, that the obverse streak does not write one a prescription to remove unnecessary portions of patina from the entire coin: the gentle whispers of russet about the rims and top right of the reverse are not opaque or unattractive and can be left alone.

After PCGS Restoration Service. 1893-S Morgan Dollar PCGS XF40. Click image to enlarge.

the following 1926-s peace dollar is among the finest known for the date and has immaculate surfaces, but the luster is somewhat inhibited by a layer of uneven patination.

Before PCGS Restoration Service. Click image to enlarge.

expert restoration unveiled an almost blinding radiance. graded pcgs ms66+, the piece realized $41,125 at the , the price record for any example of the date.

After PCGS Restoration Service. 1926-S Peace Dollar PCGS MS66+. Click image to enlarge.

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