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CNN Money: This Old Dime Just Sold For $2 Million

this old dime just sold for $2 million

a coin collector just paid nearly $2 million for an old dime. but not just any dime. the 1894-s barber is one of the rarest in the world. that's why it was auctioned for $1,997,500.

TIME: Rare 1913 Nickel Could Sell For Up To $5 Million In Auction

云图彩票平台rare 1913 nickel could sell for up to $5 million in auction

云图彩票平台a rare liberty head nickel is making its way to auction, where it could fetch millions of dollars for its owners.

Mashable: Californian Couple Finds $10 Million Worth of Gold Coins in Tin Can

云图彩票平台californian couple finds $10 million worth of gold coins in tin can

an anonymous couple dug up 1,427 gold coins and nearly every coin was in mint condition, according to the professional coin grading service.

FORTUNE: This Is One Of The World's Most Valuable Coins

this is one of the world's most valuable coins

numismatic experts believe the 'flowing hair' silver dollar was personally inspected by george washington himself.

云图彩票平台pcgs in the media

forbes: the $200 million coin collection

云图彩票平台cbs: buried treasure: california couple finds rare u.s. gold coins in backyard

云图彩票平台fox business: preview of pretty penny

abc 10 news: rare coin returned to united states mint


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